Taiko Bootcamp Kyotambacho Japan


From 10 to 21 May 2023 the first taiko bootcamp took place in Kyotambacho, the village in Kyoto region where Tentekomai Japan is based.
The 25 participants of this bootcamp are all members of the Belgium taiko teams Feniks Taiko/Araumi Daiko directed by Grete Moortgat.


The bootcamp was of course focused on practicing and playing Japanese taiko.
The students had intensive drum lessons every day but also were able to get to know other Japanese musical instruments.
By doing one night homestay they not only can meet local people but also experience family life in rural Japan.


The 10-day bootcamp was closed with a final concert.
Besides a performance by the Belgium team and Otonoha, there were performances by other musicians and artists among which the Inoue Sisters, Japanese dancer Fu Jitsukawa, African percussionist Millogo Benoit, a taiko performance by taiko players from Kyotambacho (Waraku), Japanese pianist Mamoru Motooka and the local Japanese taiko group Wachi-daiko.

This concert was part of the first edition of the Chikyu Ongaku Festival in Woodland Kyoto organised by Otonoha and Tentekomai.
We of course hope that many editions will follow and we wish to offer more people the chance to participate into a taiko bootcamp in beautiful Woodland Kyotambacho in the future.