Various projects developed by Akira and Kanako.
New attempt with various artists such as dancer and musician.


Tsunagari means connection in Japanese. Choreographer Joseph Simon explores how musician’s and dancer’s bodies can interlace and merge into both a dance that produces music, as well as a soundscape highlighted by movement.
Tsunagari was performed at the opening of Camera Japan, the Japanse film and Culture festival held every year in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.


A trio project by Kanako Otani, Akira Sakaue and Mamoru Motooka.
Their songs fused traditional Japanese instruments such as the Shamisen, Shinobue,
and Taiko drums with the piano has earned high praise not only in Japan but also overseas.
Its borderless sound suggests new possibilities in the age of diversity.


A collaboration project by Akira Sakaue, Kanako Otani and Japanese traditional dancer Fu Jitsukawa.

(Oerol 2017)

The performance Tsukumogami was performed during the Oerol Festival 2017 at Terschelling island in the Netherlands. Tsukumogami, a collaboration with Dadadadan Tenko and visual artists Maria Kley and Nishiko, was about one of the largest natural disasters in Japanese history: the seaquake of 11 March 2011. The performance tells about the catastrophic disaster, the resilience of people and the purification of sorrow.
All twenty performances were sold out. Tsukumogami was very well received by the audience as well as the press.